ShrinkPad 110

ShrinkPad 110 Processing Tool


ShrinkPad110 provides a fast and reliable process for moulding of thin-walled shrink products with or without glue. The heating is done by direct contact. The key components are two resilient cushions, which encloses the shrink products and transfer heat efficiently, without heat loss. The electrically heated pads can handle materials with max. dia. of 15mm and a max. length of 110mm.

Processing tool for heat shrinkable products

Heat shrink processing tool ShrinkPad 110 - control unit, shrink press unit, power cable and foot switch.

Processing tool for heat shrinkable products

ShrinkPad 110 - for fast and reliable heat shrink processing.


• Processing by direct-contact method with specially heated, elastic pads

• Minimal lost of heat due to direct contact with the shrinking object

• Reduces the shrinking time

• Increased process security in the shrinking process due to a temperature-controlled heat source

• Good integration into automated workflows possible

• Very high level of job security

• Long life span of the pads

Processing tool for heat shrinkable products

Control unit - The control unit is used to adjust the shrink pad temperature and time. The shrink pad temperature is adjustable in steps of 5 °C with a range from +100 °C to +300 °C. The shrink time is adjustable in steps of 0.5 sec. with a range from 0.5 to 10 sec.

Processing tool for heat shrinkable products

Shrink press unit - The shrink press unit processes the recovery of the heat shrinkable products by a direct-contact method. Using the knob at the top to adjust the shrink pad jaws to the dimension of the shrinkable product.

ShrinkPad 110: Schrumpfkissen.

Shrink pads - The specially heated, elastic pads encapsulate the shrinkable product whilst transferring heat effectively with minimal heat loss. The shrink pads are also available as spare part.

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