Benefit Icon Key

Icons to help quickly identify products that have distinct benefits/ features required for particular applications: e.g. arduous weather conditions.
High Temperature Resistance icon

High Temperature Resistance     

The product can withstand high temperatures (usually 150C or above) over many hours of service.

High Chemical Resistance icon

High Chemical Resistance

The performance of the product is not reduced by strong chemicals (to ensure this is the case separate testing is always recommended).

High Strength icon

High Strength

Has high strength under load.

High Resistance to UV Light icon

High Resistance to UV Light

When subjected to natural UV light, the product has a longer life span and continuous performance.
Resistant to Moisture icon

Resistant to Moisture

With the introduction of increased moisture, the performance of the product is not affected.
Low Smoke and Fumes (LSF) icon

Low Smoke and Fumes (LSF)

Product evolves low smoke and fume density in a fire situation.
Limited Fire Hazard (LFH) icon

Limited Fire Hazard (LFH)

All the elements that could affect the product in the event of a fire, which Hellermann define as: Toxic Fume Generation, Smoke Generation, Flammability, Flame Propagation.
Toxic Fume Generation: A measure of the toxic fumes evolved on combustion of the material. Common terminology used is ‘halogen-free’.
Smoke Generation: A measure of the density of smoke evolved on combustion of the material. Common terminology used is ‘low smoke’.
Flammability icon


A measurement of a materials resistance to burning. Test methods include flame temperature index, glow wire, and limiting oxygen index.

Flame Propagation: A measure of a materials resistance to the spread of fire. Common terminology is self-extinguishing.

High Security icon

High Security

The product has high protection against tampering, loss or can help with audit tracking.
High Abrasion Resistance icon

High Abrasion Resistance

Is able to withstand abrasion whilst the performance is unaffected. When choosing a product, please refer to the information included in each section. For example, when deciding on the correct cable tie that will be used refer to relevant areas of consideration, to help in specification of the correct products.
V0 Rated icon

V0 Rated

Has properties of LFH, but also with very low flame propagation.
Zero Conductivity icon

Zero Conductivity

Will not conduct with electricity.

Low Oxygen Index icon

Low Oxygen Index

Requires a low level of oxygen evident to ignite.
Halogen Free icon

Halogen Free

Free from harmful halogens, such as fluorine, chloride etc.
Metal Detectable icon

Metal Detectable

Includes metal additive that can be detected by control equipment.

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