Specifications go down the tubes

Date: 26/03/2019

PSTH Tubing with diesel resistant properties now available from HellermannTyton proving popular for military applications

Shortage of diesel resistant material in the industry

Heat shrink materials are an important commodity for engineers, and so getting a product with the right properties, that also adheres to the correct regulations can make a big difference in the cost, timing plan and execution of a project. 

HellermannTyton is getting daily calls looking for an alternative heat shrink product due to engineers struggling to get hold of diesel resistant heat shrink. While we don’t always have a 100% like-for-like replacement for our competitor’s products we do have alternatives in stock if people make the smart choice and break spec.

In fact, we offer a vast range of over 20,000 NATO stocked numbered (NSN) items to help provide a solution for any situation. The key is to look at why the product has been specified and source a suitable alternative based on the properties required. HellermannTyton has in stock both SE28 and PSTH, which between them answer most heat shrink specifications across the automotive, rail, aerospace and military sectors.

Of the two alternatives, our PSTH tubing is in particularly high demand for military applications due to its diesel resistant properties.

PSTH is a VG 935343 approved shrink tubing made from flexible elastomeric polyester that is resistant to a wide range of solvents and chemicals including aviation fuel, diesel fuel, lubricating oils and hydraulic fluid. 

The self-extinguishing material has a continuous operating temperature range of -55°C (-70°F) to 150°C (302°f).  PSTH tubing also passes DEF STAN 59-97/3, LEA, and NF F 00-608 standards.

Of course, the industry shortage in diesel resistant heat shrink also raises a wider debate of whether specifications should be so brand-loyal as to name a particular manufacturer’s product. But this is a sector wide issue and not specific to heat shrink.

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