Hole Saws, Kits & Accessories

Fast Cut Bi-metal Hole Saws

Fast cut hole saws

The Fast Cut hole saws combines a new tooth material and a new tooth design providing a smoother, faster cut on a wide range of materials, when compared against the previous Constant Pitch hole saws.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ideal for stainless steel and mild steel sheet and tubes with a wall thickness of up to 3mm
  • New 5.5 PTI/25mm tooth form provides a smoother, faster cut in all materials
  • New tooth material for enhanced heat and wear resistance and greater product life, cutting depth of 41mm

Deep Cut Hole Saws

deep cut hole saws

The Deep Cut Bi-metal Hole Saw combines the tried and tested tooth form from the previous dual pitch product with a new tooth material for enhanced heat and wear resistance.

It also features an increased cutting depth of 51mm and is ideal for cutting metal or more than 3mm thickness tubes with a wall thickness of greater than 3mm and wood up to 51mm.





Features and Benefits:

  • Aggressive material penetration and kerf clearance
  • Ideal for solid materials or tubes of a wall thickness greater than 3mm
  • 51mm cutting depth improves cutting performance on tubes
  • New tooth material for enhanced heat and wear resistance and greater product life
  • Cutting depth of 51mm

Bi-Metal Cordless Smooth Cut Hole Saw

cordless smooth cut hole saw

The CSC is a complete hole saw assembly including arbor and pilot drill, specifically for cordless power tools.  Heat resistant high speed steel edge, with alloy backing and constant pitch of 8 TPI for stainless and mild steel, sheet steel, plasterboard, wood and thin non-metallics.






Features and Benefits:

  • Ideal for cutting stainless steel, mild steel sheeting plus plasterboards, wood and thin plastics
  • Safety stop at the base of the hole saw prevents drilling beyond the maximum cutting depth
  • Complete assembly - arbor and pilot drill included
  • Constant pitch teeth provide exceptionally smooth cuts pitch 8 teeth per 25mm
  • Recommended cutting depth is 2mm
  • Saw design enables longer battery life of tool between changes.

TCT Tungsten Carbide Tipped Multi-Purpose Hole Saw

TCT hole saw

These tungsten carbide tipped multi-purpose hole saws with a unique tooth set for an ultra-aggressive, high performance cutting on non-metallics.

Perfect tool for users from construction and installation engineers to the DIY enthusiast.  Offering very fast cutting times, and outstanding life.  The MPH saws will cut through wood, MDF, plastics and ceramic wall tiles.




Features and Benefits:

  • Rapid, heat free stock removal of wood, MDF and plastics, platerboard and ceramic tiles up to 5 times faster than bi-metal hole saws
  • Carbide tipped teeth for outstanding cutting performance
  • Smooth cutting with minimal heat build up
  • Suitable for use in electric and battery powered tools
  • Cutting depth of 54mm
  • Special arbors featuring extended length pilot drills are also available


Diamond Tile Drills

diamond tile drills

High performance hole saws for drilling small diameter holes in many non-metallics.   These diamond edge hole saws are produced with a uniform coating of synthetic diamond grit bonded to a durable steel platform.  Diamond edge saws produce clean, accurate cuts on brick, glass, ceramic tiles and stone.





Features and Benefits:

  • Able to cut rapidly through porcelain, glass, ceramics, brick and stone
  • Small diameter hole saws are perfect for kitchen and bathroom installations
  • Smooth surface finish
  • Drive arbor and pilot drill not required
  • Maximum cutting depth is 20mm
  • Plastic water dispensing bottle to apply coolant to drill bit is also available
  • Diamond tile drill guide used in place of a pilot drill bit to eliminate hole saw walking and prevent damage to work surfaces

Carbide Tipped Deep Cut Hole Saws

CTD hole saws

The Carbide tipped deep cut hole saw is the perfect solution for repeated intensive drilling in mild and stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium and copper of all thicknesses up to and including 25mm.  This hole saw features three different angles, ground on to the cutting face of each tooth on the saw.  

This three ply tooth grind delivers a fast cut, minimal snag when the saw begins the cut, efficient swarf removal minimising heat build up and maximum saw life.  CTD will power through sheet, stainless steel up to 25mm thickness, enclosures, pipework and structural steel work with either a fixed or portable drill, in a fraction of the time taken by a standard hole saw.



Features and Benefits:

  • Supplied as one piece with no need for assembly
  • Three ply tooth grind on each tooth delivers maximum performance and makes the saw much more robust than two ply equivalents.
  • Safety stop collar at the base of the saw prevents the saw 'following through' once the cut is complete
  • Can be used with fixed or portable drills, mains power or cordless
  • All saws are supplied with an ejector spring to aid ejection of the core from the saw
  • Replacement pilot drills are available


Hole Saw Kits

hole saw kits

A comprehensive range of hole saw kits to support our hole saw range.  Suitable for tradesmen, installation engineers, industry in general and the DIY enthusiast.  

These hole saw kits feature a range of saws with sizes selected specifically to suit the relevant application.

Packed in a sturdy carrying case, these kits will be an invaluable addition to any toolbox.  

Just a few in the range are featured below, please ask our customer service team for the full range.


KFC06023 - A general purpose Fast Cut Bi-metal 8 piece kit consisting of:  22mm, 29mm, 35mm, 44mm, 51mm & 64mm plus A1 and A10 Arbors

KCS07011 - Bi-metal Cordless Smooth Cut 8 piece kit consisting of:  16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 29mm, 30mm, 32mm, & 38mm plus an A18 Duax Hex Chuck.

KMP09021 - TCT Multi-Purpose 11 piece hole saw kit consisting of:  19mm, 22mm, 29mm, 35mm, 44mm, 51mm, 57mm, 64mm & 68mm plus A1E and A17-38E plus a free XA014C arbor.


Arbors and Accessories

arbors and accessories

High speed steel with pilot drill arbors.  Offering a range of arbors suitable for use with FCH, DCH, CSC and MPH hole saws.

Features and Benefits:

  • 4 standard models available
  • 6.35mm pilot drill included
  • Easy replacement of the pilot drill

ULTI-MATE Rapid Release Arbor System

ultimate rapid release arbor system

The ULTI-MATE offers super fast, tool free changes between different diameters of hole saw, without adjustment of the drill chuck.  Removal of cores from a hole saw after a cut is much improved by the rapid release of the hole saw from the arbor.

Features and Benefits:

  • Super fast tool free change
  • Rapid release of the hole saw from the arbor


OOPS Arbor

OOPS arbor

The A19 OOPS arbor is for use in conjunction with either the A1, A2 or A10 type hole saw arbors (e.g. A1-1, XA2, A1E etc).  Replacing the pilot drill the OOPS arbor allows diameters to be enlarged by attaching a saw of the same size to that of the existing hole, thereby acting as a pilot for the larger diameter saw.  Minimum hole enlargement is 4.7mm between the pilot saw diameter and the cutting saw diameter.




Features and Benefits:

  • The A19 OOPS arbor works with the following holesaws because they all have the same screw threads (1/2"-20 & 5/8"-18)
  • (FCH) Constant pitch HSS bi metal holesaws
  • (DCH) Dual pitch HSS and bi metal hole  saws
  • (MPH) TCT Multi-purpose hole saws
  • (CTD) Carbide tipped hole saws
  • (D) Diamond grit holesaw

Hacksaw Frames & Blades

Hacksaw Frames

hacksaw frames


We offer a comprehensive range of hacksaws from light duty frames to heavy duty frames.







140G - is a light duty non-adjustable hacksaw frame featuring a closed grip frame accepting 300mm blades.  Made from high speed steel Safe-Flex hacksaw blade included.




145 -  is a closed grip, high tension heavy duty hacksaw frame with a closed grip feature, easy to use.  High speed steel Safe-Flex hacksaw blade included.


K147 - is a bi-metal Compass Saw an ideal tool for cutting plasterboard, featuring a heavy duty variable pitch, bi-metal blade to cut most materials and provide an extra-long cutting life.  225/9" bi-metal unique blade included.  The blade rotates full 360o to easily cut at any angle.


148 - this saw is used for cutting PVC and ABS materials and also used for cutting plasterboard, plywood and general purpose cutting.  Available in two lengths 12" or 18".


Hacksaw Blades

hacksaw blades

The comprehensive range is manufactured to the most exacting standards to offer optimum cutting performance across the broadest range of materials.







Features and Benefits:

  • Bi-metal unique high speed steel safe-flex hacksaw blades are the industry's most advanced bi-metal hacksaw       blade
  • A patented solid state diffusion process produces the industry's most advanced bi-metal hacksaw blades
  • Grey Flex High Carbon Steel hacksaw blades are an all-purpose economical alternative when cutting mild steel,     copper, brass, aluminium and other like materials


Jigsaw Blades & Kits


jigsaw blades

These jigsaw blades incorporate the exclusive bi-metal unique process technology.  Blades made from the process resist breakage, cut faster and last longer than conventional saws.

The range includes jigsaw blades that can cut wood, multi-purpose, metal and abrasive material.





Features and Benefits:

  • Resist breakage
  • Cuts faster
  • Last longer than conventional saws
  • Unified shank suitable for the vast majority of jig saw machines

Jigsaw Blade Wallet

jigsaw wallet

This handy wallet of bi-metal blades have an assortment of blades to cut wood, metal and multi purpose material and laminates.

BU6 - Unified shank assorted pack.  Contains: one each of BU36, BU46, BU310T, BU3DC, BU2DCS, BU41014, BU214, BU218, BU418, BU224, BU424 and BU232.


Utility Knives

utility knives

A range of utility knives are available with varying blade widths to suit many applications:









  • Small plastic utility knife with automatic locking, metal blade guide
  • This utility knife works with 9mm blade (SO5R)
  • ABS plastic body and rubber plastic over-mould
  • Blade with 13 break-away segments
  • Replacement blades also available


  • Large plastic utility knife with automatic locking metal blade guide
  • This utility knife works with 18mm blade (SO6R)
  • ABS plastic body and rubber plastic over-mould
  • Blade with 8 break-away segments
  • Replacement blades also available


  • A die-cast folding knife using trapezoidal or hook blade
  • This utility knife works with trapezoidal (SO1R) or hook blades (SHO1R)
  • Supplied with 1 blade and a dispenser with 3 spare trapezoidal blades
  • Replacement blades also available


  • The ultimate in safety knives, the Hidden Edge Utility Knife keeps the blade safely tucked away when not in use yet instantly available by simply releasing the safety lock and squeezing the lever to the knife body
  • The cutting depth is easily and accurately adjusted with a thumbwheel
  • With quick release blade change and storage space for blades in the lever, blade changes are fast and tool free - there is no need to take the knife apart to change the blade
  • An optional belt holster is also available 
  • Supplied with 3 blades
  • Replacement blades are also available


Spirit Levels

spirit levels

KLT59N Torpedo Level

225mm magnetic torpedo level is manufactured from extruded aluminium with high visibility yellow and red ABS plastic construction for impact resistance. 

KLTX95N Torpedo Level

240mm long Exact Magnetic Torpedo level is manufactured from extruded aluminium with high visibility yellow and red ABS plastic construction for impact resistance.



KLBX24N Box Beam Level

600mm heavy duty aluminium box beam Exact spirit level produced from aluminium and the special box shape cross section is for improved strength and rigidity.


1200mm heavy duty aluminium three vial Exact box beam spirit level produced from aluminium and the special box shape cross section is for improved strength and rigidity.


Tape Measures

tape measures

English/Metric Tape Measure

Produced of high impact resistant ABS plastic for extended case life.  The range of tape measures offer over-moulded cases for improved grip.  Their ergonomic design fits comfortably in the hand and incorporate industry standard standout and improved blade protection.






Features and Benefits

  • Nylon coated blade provides twice the abrasion resistance of other tapes
  • High impact resistant ABS plastic case and rubber plastic over-moulding
  • Includes a steel belt clip


KTX12-12ME-N - A pocket English/Metric Tape measure 13mm x 3.5m made of ABS plastic with sliding lock.

KTX34-16ME-N - A pocket English/Metric Tape measure 19mm x 5m made of ABS plastic with sliding lock

KTX1-26ME-N - A pocket English/Metric Tape measure 25mm x 8m made of ABS plastic with sliding lock

KTX12.3.5M-N - A pocket metric only tape 3.5m long

KTX1.5M-N - A pocket metric only tape 5m long

KTX1.8M-N - A pocket metric only tape 8m long

Chalk Lines

chalk line

Chalk Lines and Refills

High impact resistant ABS plastic cases that hold 4oz of chalk.  Each chalk line includes 30m of line with a press to release feature.










  • High impact resistant ABS plastic case
  • Holds 4oz of chalk
  • 30m press to release line
  • 3.5 x faster line rewind
  • Stainless steel hook
  • Refills available




  • High impact resistant case
  • Rubber plastic soft touch over-moulding
  • Holds 4oz of chalk
  • 30m press to release line and includes 50% stronger line
  • 6 x faster line rewind
  • Stainless steel hook
  • Easy feed winder
  • Refills available



  • Formulated and coloured to mark distinctively and lay down hard clean lines
  • New bottle design provides easier handling and no-spill cap
  • Easy to see colours
  • Colours available are:  blue, red and white



Debris Collector

debris collector






Insert the arbor shank through the eyelet at the nylon base, before attaching to the drill, press the rim of the cowl against the surface of the material being sawn and begin sawing.  The flange  then forms a seal against the material being cut, collecting all dirt and debris inside the cowl.  


Features and Benefits

  • No clean up - no need for time consuming masking of areas prior to drilling or clean up after drilling
  • No drill damage - no dust or debris in the drill motor
  • No debris spread - no spread of dust in the air
  • Works with bi-metal and multi-purpose hole saws
  • Ideal when retro fitting/upgrading halogen downlighters to LED versions


Tool Bags

tool bags










BGS - Compact Tool Bag

Ideal for carrying tools for small jobs.  Main zip compartment, removable shoulder strap, reinforced carry strap and external and internal pockets.


Features and Benefits

  • 12 external pockets and 6 internal pockets
  • Ideal for day to day tools
  • Main compartment with zip closure
  • Velcro external pocket
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • Dimensions (mm L x W x H) 300 x 170 x 220
  • Tools not included

BGM - Medium Tool Bag

A hard wearing tool bag with ABS plastic reinforced base, ready for heavy duty use.  Main zip compartment offers security and ease of storage, pockets allow for better organisation of tools.  Includes adjustable shoulder strap.

Features and Benefits

  • 7 external pockets and 6 internal pockets
  • Reinforced waterproof base
  • Main compartment with zip closure
  • Large internal space with easy access
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • Dimensions (mm L x W x H) 400 x 220 x 320
  • Tools not included

BGL - Large Tool Bag

Large storage capacity with easy access to tools, and rubber carry handle.  Removable shoulder strap and various internal and external compartments.

Features and Benefits

  • 21 external pockets, 5 internal and 8 elasticated compartments
  • Reinforced carry handle
  • Reinforced external base with ABS plastic supports
  • Quick and easy access to tools
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • Tools not included


Portable Band Saw Machine

portable band saw machine

The S1005 portable band saw machine is ideal for cutting small solids, trunking, conduit and armoured cables quickly and efficiently.  Designed for field work and areas where mains power cables may cause problems, the combination of a sturdy well designed machine results in a tough, durable, high quality band saw machine.





Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight, for use in any locations
  • Ergonomic shape ensures comfortable and safe use for the operator
  • Robust design ensures durability
  • High quality machine motor, of sufficient strength to provide the torque necessary to cut even relatively hard materials
  • Simple blade change and tensioning system

The contents are:  1 machine S1005, 2 batteries, 1 handle, 1 charger 220V, 1 band saw blade kit and 1 carry case



Some of the most popular questions we get asked:



Q.  What is the most popular hole saw that you sell?

Our most popular range is the Fast Cut Bi-metal Hole saws (FCH).  We offer over 50 different sizes from 14mm up to 210mm, together with a range of arbors to suit.


Q.   I need a bi-metal hole saw that will cut over 13mm deep, what do you recommend?

A.  The DCH range of deep cut hole saws would be ideal.  They cut most materials except: MDF, ceramic, porcelain, glass, stone or brick/masonry.

The cutting performance on metal/Inox (stainless) and non-ferrous materials is excellent.


Q.  What hole saw would you recommend for cutting stainless steel?

A.  Our range of Tungsten Carbide SM hole saws are ideal and give excellent cutting performance for a 13mm hole depth.  So do our CTD range of hole saws with a deeper cutting depth of 25mm.


Q.  I want to cut ceramic tiles, what product would I use?

A.  You would use our D range of Diamond Grit/Tipped Hole Saws which are perfect for ceramics, porcelain, glass, stone and fibreglass, even brick and masonry.


Q.  I need to cut a hole in a brick wall.  What product would I use?

A.  Our BMC range of diamond core drills are ideal and are invaluable in the construction of flues, air vents, plumbing and electrical channels.


Q.  I want a variety of sizes of hole saws that I can use for cutting downlight holes in ceilings.  What do you recommend?

A.  We have a 13 piece hole saw kit reference KMP12011 which has a variety of hole saws from 35mm up to 92mm plus a carbide tipped pilot drill which are all  perfect for downlights.


Q.  I am after something that catches debris when I drill, do you sell such a thing?

A.  Yes we sell a product called a Debris Collector (HTDB2).  It is simple to use and is suitable for FCH/DCH/MPH and D range of hole saws.  It is ideal when retro fitting/upgrading halogen downlighters to LED version.  

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