Enclosures to suit all requirements

HellermannTyton markets a comprehensive range of enclosures for the general installation, contracting and panel building industry.

Key considerations have to be thought through when specifying an enclosure for electrical installation.

HellermannTyton offer a vast range of enclosures for this purpose.  High quality materials are used to ensure the installation fulfills even the highest safety requirements.

Materials can be split into two main groups; steel and plastic.  Each of these respective groups have sub-groups i.e. plastic lists materials such as GRP, polycarbonate or polyester, while steel can be mild steel or even stainless steel.

To help choose the right enclosure for your application many factors have to be considered:

  • What will it be used for
  • The type of environment it is being used in
  • How will it be mounted
  • The degree of ingress protection 
  • Any standards applicable
  • Weight of internal ​equipment

HellermannTyton has an enclosure to suit all requirements.

To compliment the whole enclosure range further we offer a range of thermal management products i.e. fans, filters, heaters and  thermostats.

The range of plastic enclosures includes GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester), PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride), ABS and Polyester with IP ratings from IP65 to IP66.


GRP Enclosures

The properties of GRP include good insulation, strength, hardness and stability over a temperature range between -50oC to +150oC.  GRP is resistant to mineral acids, oxidants and reducing agents, neutral and acid solutions, greases, oils and some alcohols.



CA Enclosures

Various ranges of modular boxes available with clear lids, opaque lids and smoked transparent lids.




The range of Plastic Enclosures includes the following products, to view them click on the link.

Most products have accessories available i.e. locks, brackets, mounting plates, wall fixing kits and even diagram pockets.

EnclosureThe range of steel enclosures covers Mild Steel enclosures made from a continuous length of sheet steel to Stainless Steel enclosures suitable for corrosive environments.


Mild Steel

This is the most widely used materials for general purpose enclosures and is generally regarded as the most cost effective.  Mild steel is an ideal material for fabrication, hole punching and forming and is easily welded to form permanent bonds.  The downside to mild steel is that it offers little in the way of corrosion resistance making it largely unsuitable for outdoor applications or installation in a corrosive environment.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is capable of withstanding more aggressive environments and can provide a suitable solution for outdoor applications.  In some applications such as food manufacturing, food processing and pharmaceutical production it offers additional hygiene, cleanliness and corrosion resistance are important.

The range of steel enclosures includes the following products, to view them click on the link.

  • NSYCRN - Mild steel wall mounted enclosure 
  • HT - Mild steel wall mounted enclosure c/w mounting plate
  • NSYS3X - Grade 304 stainless steel wall mounted enclosure
  • ATEX - Mild steel wall mounted ATEX classification
  • NSYSM - Mild steel floor standing enclosure c/w mounting plate
  • NSYSBM - Mild steel industrial boxes
  • NSYD - Mild steel junction box

Most of the above ranges have accessories available i.e. locks, brackets, mounting plates, wall fixing kits and even diagram pockets.

To help choose the right enclosure for the right application is essential and HellermannTyton are committed to supplying the best solution for our customers needs.


To download the specification and material overview click on this link


To download the IP rating chart click on this link

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