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HellermannTyton is a global manufacturer of cable management products who specialist in high performance fastening, connecting, routing, protecting, and identifying solutions to diverse markets. For our customers we develop market solutions that uniquely meet an industry's needs - solving an application requirement, saving installation and component costs, and improving the quality of the end product - no matter what your industry: 

Markets & Industries: Solar Energy Sector

HellermannTyton offers a comprehensive product portfolio for a secure cablerouting and therefore failsafe connection in the solar industry. To ensurelasting and effective power output HellermannTyton develops products that meetthe enormous demands on solar energy systems like• Resistance to extreme weather conditions• Extreme mechanical stress• Higher-than-average durability

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Markets & Industries: Wind Energy Sector

HellermannTyton products for the wind energy sector are the optimal andsustainable protection from cold, dampness and dirt. Failsafe operation requiresthe highest product quality in terms of• UV-stabilisation• Resistance to heat and cold• Fire protection and resistance to vibration

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Quality Management for the Food Industry

HellermannTyton provides innovative product solutions for the food industry. From detectable cable ties and easy-to-clean PVC tubing, to corrosion-resistant identification tags: • Excellent for areas with strict hygiene requirements • Conforms to the HACCP approach - fragments also detectable • Extreme temperature resistance

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Chemical Industry

HellermannTyton provides innovative product solutions for the chemical industry:• Excellent chemical and temperature resistance• Extremely secure fastening• Easy installation, even under difficult conditions

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Rail Transportation Sector

HellermannTyton develops innovative solutions made of high-quality rawmaterials. Our products for deployment in rail transportation are characterisedby• Outstanding fire protection properties• Highest quality• Maximum service life• Compliance with the strictest safety criteria

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Automotive Industry

HellermannTyton´s multi-skilled teams develop productivity-enhancing conceptsfor the automotive industry. A global network of experienced design engineerscontinually optimises a product range that fulfils the demanding requirements ofthis industry, such as e.g. • High temperature resistance • Heavy duty applicability • Splash guard

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Markets & Industries: Electrical Wholesale

HellermannTyton is not only a reliable, fast and flexible supplier – we arealso a dedicated partner for electrical wholesalers. Together with our strongretail partners, we support wholesale businesses with a range that coversvirtually every requirement. Your advantages• Reliability• Speed• Flexibility• Customer friendliness• Local availability of products

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Markets & Industries: Electronics Industry

HellermannTyton manufactures and develops groundbreaking products for theelectronics industry and helps actively shape the market. Our extensiveportfolio of services is characterised by• Innovative solutions• Process minimisation• Reduction of production costs

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Markets & Industries: Electrical Installation

HellermannTyton offers a comprehensive range of products for bundling,fixing, identifying and protecting cables. As well as delivering a high standardof quality, we are committed to ensuring all products are available promptly atall times. A tight network of wholesale partners guarantees optimum serviceanytime, anywhere.• Availability• Practical packaging• Customer service

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Markets & Industries: Aerospace Industry

HellermannTyton is certified according to EN 9100 and therefore fulfils theexceptionally high quality standards of the aerospace industry. Clips and markerproducts play a crucial role in achieving efficient, optimised workflows. Mainfocus is laid on• Temperature resistance• Extreme mechanical stress• Optimisation of weight

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Markets & Industries: Offshore Industry

HellermannTyton is certified according to the Achilles Joint QualificationSystem, making it the ideal partner for development projects in offshoreregions. We develop cable ties, heat shrink tubing and marker systems thatfulfil the requirements of DNV type-approval.• Stability under extreme mechanical conditions• Resistance to corrosion and extreme weather conditions• Outstanding chemical resistance against hydrochlorid acid and halogen salts

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Markets & Industries: Shipbuilding

HellermannTyton develops and manufactures in conjunction with leadingEuropean shipyards a wide range of products tailored to the highest standards ofsafety in shipbuilding. Our distribution network ensures these products areavailable worldwide. They are optimally suitable for• Heavy duty applicability• Resistance against acids and salts• Temperature resistance

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Markets & Industries: Defence Industry

HellermannTyton offers a portfolio of more than 6,000 NATO inventory itemswhich are subject to stringent quality requirements for use in the toughestconditions.• Protection against extreme mechanical stress• Resistance to corrosion• Meeting the stringent requirements of the defence industry

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Markets & Industries: Telecommunication

HellermannTyton offers end-to-end networking installation solutions next tomanufacturing a complete range of products that identify, route and bundleproducts in telecommunications. In close cooperation with our customers wedevelop innovative data transfer systems of tomorrow which provide followingproperties• Capacity• Economic efficiency• Trendsetting data transfer systems

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Standards - Overview

HellermannTyton products are internationally certified.

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