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What is Thermal Transfer Printing?  Thermal Transfer Printing is a method using a thermal print head what applies heat to the surface of material being marked, using a ribbon to produce very durable and long lasting impressions/images or bar codes on a large variety of materials.  So whether it's low, medium or high volume printing HellermannTyton has the perfect solution for all your printing needs.  Single sided or double sided printing can be done on a choice of printers.

Thermal Transfer Printing on a wide range of continuous tubing, ladder style products, TIPTAG's or adhesive labels.  Print bar codes (standard and 2D).

What types of ribbon are available for Thermal Transfer Printers?  HellermannTyton offer a wide range of ribbons specifically designed to maximise print performance for the recommended material.

The Thermal Transfer print technology is based on heating up certain dots in the print head then transferring the ink very precisely from the ribbon on to the surface of the printed material.

To compliment the range of thermal transfer printers and ribbons available HellermannTyton also offer labelling software in the form of TagPrint Pro which easily imports a variety of image types into the label design.

The TT430 Thermal Transfer Printer is a modern and cost effective medium volume printer.

With it's cutting edge technology, simple to use interface and a cost effective solution for printing medium volume labels (around 3,000 a day).

The use of an intuitive touch screen gives quick access to all required print and set-up commands.  The print engine is optimised for consistent high quality printing on all HellermannTyton consumables.  The 300dpi print head is ideally suited for printing high definition graphics such as 2D barcodes, company logos, numbers and text.

Print speeds between 125 mm/s and 30mm/s ensures you can adjust printing to suit the wide range of consumables on offer.  Standard adhesive labels can be printed at 125 mm/s and heatshrink markers at 30mm/s.

This Thermal Transfer Printer can print on TLFX DS, TDRT DS, TULT DS and ShrinkTrak.  TLFX, TULT and TCGT continuous tubing, Tiptags and adhesive labels.   Accessories are also available.

The TT4000+ Thermal Transfer Printer is a high volume, single sided printing system.  This system can print on Tiptags, adhesive labels, ladder products and continuous tubings.  

Uses standard 300m ribbons with a print speed of up to 125mm/s.  Can also print on TLFX DS, TULT DS, TLFX, TULT and TCGT.

Can print barcodes standard and 2D.  For problem free printing we recommend the TagPrint Pro3 software.

Compact size 446 x 274 x 242mm, weighing 10kg.   Cutter and perforator also available as optional accessories.

The TrakMark DS, Double Sided Thermal Transfer Printer is for high volume two sided printing.  You can print on TLFX DS and TULT DS (Ladder style products) or TLFX, TULT and TCGT (Continuous tubing), and also TIPTAG's and adhesive labels.

It uses standard 300m ribbons and can produce barcodes standard and 2D.  With print speeds of up to 125mm/s using 300 dpi, flat type print head.

As stated above is used for high volume double sided printing hence the size 554 x 395 x 248, weighing in at 21kg!    A very robust Double Sided Thermal Transfer Printer!

The M-Boss Compact Stainless Steel Printing system is a quiet easy to use metal plate embossing printer with a small production footprint.  It is simple to install and operate and only needs a standard electrical supply and a PC.  

Used for hazardous area identification i.e. offshore platforms, floating production storage offloading (FPSO), refineries, rail infrastructure, utilities, food, solar farms.

Texts are created with TagPrint Pro3.0.  Simply open the easy to use program to create print lists.  You can emboss the first marker within one minute of powering up!  

An organiser is available and gives the added advantage of a self contained storage system within the print unit.  The organiser is a 10 container carousel storage system that can be programmed to hold either an individual or a pre-defined set of marker plates.   


HellermannTyton can supply a range of Thermal Transfer Ribbons for use with adhesive labels, TIPTAG's or heatshrink.

The thermal transfer print technology is based on heating up certain dots in the print head.  This transfers the ink very precisely from the ribbon onto the surface of the printed material.

Features & Benefits:

A range of accessories can be obtained to compliment the Thermal Transfer Printers such as:

S4000 Cutter

  • To cut printed tubing and continuous label material at a desired length
  • The cutter automatically initialises each time the printer is powered on
  • The cutter tray ensures the cut pieces are collected in one place
  • The plug and play cutter is simply attached with one allen screw 

    P4000 Perforator

  • To perforate printed tubing and continuous label material at a desired length
  • Perforation depth can be adjusted to different thicknesses of the material
  • Very useful accessory if tubings are printed with serial numbers
  • Plug and play perforator is simply attached with one allen key

    For further information on these accessories click here......

TagPrint Pro3

A labelling software that easily imports a variety of image types into the label design.  Use any Windows based font in the label design for complete customization.

Layer objects like professional page layout programs.  Rules on top and side allow for exact placement of object.

Easily change text colour, fill colour and border colour to make text stand out and accomplish 'full reverse' printing.

Allow text characters to be stretched or compressed to almost any height or width.  Draw lines, circles and boxes on the label as a simple way of making the label look more professional.

Features & Benefits:

  • Alphanumeric sequences
  • Print to multiple printers at one time
  • Save jobs in a queue and print all at one time with 'print later function'
  • Print faster
  • Connect or import directly from other data bases including excel, access, text files etc
  • More bar code types
  • Inverse, flip and mirror images options for graphic images
  • Multi-lingual
  • Print log available
  • Manually adjust font size to 1/10 of a point
  • Customize line spacing

    The TagPrint Pro 3 offers so much more!

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