TA37 - Halogen Free Heat Shrinkable Tubing 3:1 shrink ratio


TA37 is a thin wall, halogen free heat shrinkable tubing which is self-extinguishing and with excellent flame retardant properties. This heat shrink tubing is adhesive lined. Shrink tubing with a 3:1 shrink ratio offers a wide range of sizes: from 3/1mm up to 120/45mm.

TA37 has very low smoke which is mainly used when it is important to limit the development of toxic gases in a fire, e.g. in densely populated buildings or high security areas such as tunnels, hospitals, schools, theaters, public transport vehicles and computer centers.


TA37 has London Underground specification LUL E1042-A6, BS6853.

Specification:  BS6853, conforms to LUL E1042:A6, EN-45545:2013

Features and Benefits:

  • Thin wall adhesive lined heatshink tubing
  • Halogen free
  • Flame retardant
  • Combination of these three (halogen free, adhesive lined and flame retardant) product properties is unique
  • Tubing conforms to London Underground specification LUL E1042-A6, BS6853

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