Electrical installation solutions by HellermannTyton: innovative, safe and well thought-out

Forward-looking electrical installation – the HellermannTyton range for professionals

Professional and skilful electrical installation requires not only well-trained specialists, but also a well thought-out range of products. To help electricians and engineers make their work more safe and efficient, HellermannTyton is constantly developing practical solutions for the field of electrical installation. With the professional cable routing tool CableScout+, for example, cables can be installed more quickly. Sophisticated push-in wire connectors from the HelaCon series guarantee quick and safe cable installation in house and building applications. Electrical tapes from the HelaTape family, available in different qualities, simplify the insulating, bundling, sealing and marking of cables. The product portfolio in the field of electrical installation is rounded off by the SpotClip family, which includes various downlight covers for mounting downlights in dry and acoustic ceilings.

For HellermannTyton, only high-quality materials with a long service life are used to ensure that the respective electrical installation fulfils even the highest safety requirements and is durable. As an example, particularly the safety aspect in electrical installation is taken into account at a very early design stage of individual products.

The transparent push-in wire connectors from the HelaCon series allow visual inspection of the connection – an important safety feature for the inspection and approval of electrical installations. Likewise, the expert for electrical installation includes various structural demands in its planning. Therefore, our portfolio also includes push-in wire connectors that can be used on-wall or flush-mounted and in all kinds of junction boxes. Furthermore, HellermannTyton provides solutions that guarantee easy handling while ensuring processing safety in electrical installations, even in areas that are hard to reach and especially when it comes to installing downlights. 

Electrical Installation Electrical TapesElectrical tapes HelaTape

Within electrical installation, HelaTape can be used particularly for insulating, attaching, bundling, sealing and marking cables. Various sizes, colours and materials support the professional use of HelaTape in electrical installation: as a fast, reliable help for repairing cables, as a tool for sealing connection points, as a warning for temporarily laid cables or as a clearly visible cable marker. Thus, the PVC HelaTape Flex insulating tapes are coated with adhesives that are specially adapted to the respective application areas, emphasising their mechanical properties for electrical installation. HelaTape Power is mainly rubber-based and is used for protection, insulation and sealing in electrical installation. The product family is supplemented with HelaTape Shield, which was specially developed for repairing electrical shields. HellermannTyton also offers HelaTape Tex, a low-reflection fabric tape for use in the construction of exhibition stands and stage design.

Electrical Installation Electrical Tapes Wire ConnectorsPush-in wire connectors HelaCon

HelaCon Plus Mini, HelaCon Easy and HelaCon Lux push-in wire connectors support professional electrical installation in homes and buildings. For example, the new and innovative HelaCon Plus Mini allows stranded and solid wires to be worked on easily, providing relief in difficult situations such as overhead installation. Different colours make it easy to distinguish the push-in wire connectors during electrical installation. With its compact design, HelaCon Easy is particularly suitable for electrical installation in tight spaces and is intended only for solid conductors. HelaCon Lux, the innovative lighting connector, is used for installing lights where solid conductors from concealed wiring are connected with stranded lighting cables. 

Electrical Installation Cable RodsCable rods Cable Scout+

CableScout+ is a multi-functional tool that simplifies any kind of cable routing. These cable rods are available in various sets, each consisting of a robust case and a large number of useful accessories. Extensions, adapters, hooks, guide eyelets, lights, magnets and cable grips make the CableScout+ cable installation system a universal tool in electrical installation. With the help of fiberglass-reinforced rods, cable routing is much easier even in installation areas that are difficult to access, so that their use ensures considerable time savings.

Electrical Installation Wire ConnectorsDownlight covers SpotClip

Spotlights installed in the ceiling develop so much heat that the insulating materials ignite due to heat accumulation and overheating; a dangerous fire can result. To prevent this, HellermannTyton designed the SpotClip, a downlight cover for recessed spotlights. The innovative downlight covers can be easily built into panels or plasterboard within the framework of electrical installation. Thus, air can circulate around the light and dangerous overheating is avoided. In addition, the covers for recessed spotlights can also have a positive effect on the service life of the bulbs.

Electrical tapes HelaTape

Electrical Tapes HelaTapeHellermannTyton offers a comprehensive range of PVC and rubber tapes for bundling, insulating, fixing, sealing and marking applications round all kinds of electrical applications. PVC-based tapes are designed for low voltage applications and available in a variety of dimensions and colours.
Rubber tapes are suitable for sealing and insulating cables and splices in low, medium and high voltage applications. Cloth tapes are extremely strong and ideal for identification, fixing and repair purposes.


Electrical tapes HelaTape PVCPVC tapes

PVC-based electrical tapes are designed for low voltage applications and available in a variety of dimensions and colours.


Electrical tapes HelaTape RubberRubber tapes

Electrical tapes made of rubber are best suited for sealing and insulating of cables and splices from low to very high voltage.


Electrical tapes HelaTape TexTextile tapes

Textile tapes are available in different colours and dimensions and useful for various applications. They are highly tear-resistant and writeable.

Wire connectors HelaCon

Wire connectors Chapter IconSupporting installers’ daily work: Connecting electrical lines and equipment in housing application require appropriate devices for fast, easy, safe, and reliable use. HellermannTyton offers HelaCon – a range of products to connect and protect conductors and lights. HellermannTyton is a global manufacturer who offers high performance fastening, connecting, routing, protecting, and identifying solutions to diverse markets.
For our customers we develop market solutions that uniquely meet an industry's needs solving an application requirement, saving installation and component costs, and improving the quality of the end product - no matter what your industry. 


Wire connectors HelaCon EasyHelaCon Easy

Thanks to the compact design wire connectors of the HelaCon Easy range connect conductors in housing installations where space is limited.



Wire connectors HelaCon LuxHelaCon Lux

Wire connectors HelaCon Lux fit best to connect solid with fine-stranded wire especially in lighting installations.



Wire connectors HelaCon PlusHelaCon Plus

The innovative double spring design of the wire connectors HelaCon Plus offers the best possible solution when convenient processing and maximum safety is required to connect conductors in housing installations.

Cable rods Cable Scout+

Cable rods Cable Scout+ IconThe Award Winning Cable Installation System Cable Scout+ is a market leading highly effective professional cable installation tool, which has been proven to make significant savings on a wide range of cable installation work. It enables many installation jobs to be carried out single-handed, reduces discruption in busy workplaces and increases safety by reducing the need to use ladders.

Cable rods Cable Scout+ Handy SetHandy Set

The Handy Set is made up for fitting in a tool box.

Cable rods Cable Scout+ Basic SetBasic Set

The Basic Set is designed to perform basic cable installation.

Cable rods Cable Scout+ Deluxe SetDeluxe Set

The Deluxe Set is a comprehensive set aimed for carrying out larger installations.

Downlight covers SpotClip

Downlight Covers SpotClip IconSpotClip is a unique product that has been developed to support downlights installation and ensures that a safe distance is kept between the downlight, insulation foil and roof insulation.


Downlight Covers SpotClip ISpotClip-I

SpotClip-I has been developed for mounting downlights in dry montarless construction and acoustic construction applications.

Downlight Covers SpotClip IISpotClip-II

SpotClip-II has been developed for bulbs up to 95 mm height and ensures safety distance between downlight, damp-proof foil and insulation material.


Downlight Covers SpotClip IIISpotClip-III

SpotClip-III is a mounting support for the external power supply unit and provides more space for the downlight installation.

Downlight Covers SpotClip BoxSpotClip-Box

SpotClip-Box ensures safety distance between the downlight, damp-proof foil and insulation material.

Downlight Covers SpotClip KitSpotClip-Kit

SpotClip-Kit has got additional spikes at the end which prevents shifting during installation.

Downlight Covers SpotClip PlateSpotClip-Plate

SpotClip-Plate can be combined with SpotClip-Kit, SpotClip-Caps or placed on top of each other with standard SpotClip-Tubes to ensure the required distance.

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