Autotool 2000 CPK — Automatic Cable Tying System

The reliability, ergonomics, simple handling and flexibility makes the HellermannTyton Autotool 2000 ideal for the diverse applications where high quantities are required, e.g. in cable assemblies for automotive, brown and white goods industry, electronics, TV and domestic appliances, packaging of bags and the bundling of parts together.  

The system suits both the high volume use of ties or where flexible production practices are necessary.  Overall the Autotool 2000 gives full, flexible and cost effective utilization of labour and maximises efficiency.

With the bench mount kit or the overhead suspender the Autotool 2000 can be used stationary or mobile, depending on the customer's application.

Another opportunity is the integration of AT2000 into a fully automated production line.  To do this you would need the control box, which is the interface between AT2000 and your production line.

Benefits — only the Autotool 2000 provides

  • Electronically operated automatic cable tying system

  • Speeds up binding process
  • Consistent, high quality bundling, threading and cutting
  • Very easy to use
  • Binding speed of 0.8 seconds per cycle
  • Handles bandolier of 50 or reels of 3600 cable ties
  • Automatic bundling up to 20mm diameter
  • Flush cut off
  • Adjustable binding force and electronic fault diagnosis
  • 1.2kg in weight
Speeds up the binding process  — the new Autotool 2000 CPK

Speeds up the binding process  — the new Autotool 2000 CPK

The reliability, ergonomics, simple handling and flexibility makes Autotool 2000 CPK ideal for a diverse range of repetitive bundling applications, e.g. in automotive cable assemblies, manufacture of white goods, and electronic appliances, tying packaging sacks and bundling loose items together.

  • Electronically operated automatic cable tying system
  • Consistency and quality in the process of looping, threading and cutting
  • Secure hold of bundled items
  • Automatic bundles up to 20 mm in diameter

Perfect results every time — thanks to the right cable tie technology

The cable ties designed for use with Autotool 2000 CPK are entirely made of plastic and are suitable for recycling. The inside serration of the band guarantees a secure hold of bundled items up to a diameter of 20 mm.

Autotool 2000 CPK cuts the cable tie band flush behind the head at the end of the bundling cycle so that no sharp edges remain. The cable ties are available in natural or black, with other colours are available on request. Bands of 50 cable ties or reels with a capacity of 3,500 ties can be used. Further information is available here.

Additional benefits at a glance

  • Evolutionary refinement of the AT2000 platform based on customer experience and requirements
  • Binding with flush cut off / with tie protrusion as an option
  • Extremely reliable – over 1 million bundle cycles before the need for maintenance
  • Troubleshooting via simple menu navigation on the device display

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