Autotool 3080

Auto Tool 3080

By assembling the ATS3080 into different devices the tool can be customised for various customer applications.  For example with the horizontal bench mount kit plastic bags can be closed in seconds.  Also, because of the unique closing mechanism the plastic tie closing the bag can serve as a tamper evident seal and is compatible material for recycling.

For products with special requirements of cable tying e.g. a binding at an exact position, the HellermannTyton development department can design and supply special jigs for the ATS3080.

HellermannTyton developed an innovative solution for harnesses in the Automotive industry. With the AT3080 it is now possible to fasten fixings, also known as foot parts, at the same time as the automatic binding.  This simplifies the final assembly of harnesses, because the pre-assembled harness can be fixed directly to the metal edge or into a hole.  This means that you can now produce a complex harness completely automatically.


Features & Benefits:


  • Electrical bundling system from HellermannTyton
  • Every shot absolutely waste free bindings with a flush cut
  • No lost time for cleaning or opening waste boxes
  • Bundling diameter up to 80mm
  • Processes outside serrated nylon 6.6 strap and closures on 'endless reels'
  • Outstanding innovation: double play between tool and material
  • Usable with overhead dispenser or bench mount system
  • Can be integrated into fully automated production line
  • Flexible tool especially for Automotive, packaging, white and brown goods industry.
  • High-capacity tool
  • Short cycle time (0.8-1.3 sec - depending on bundling diameter)
  • Jaws available in 3 different diameters: 30mm, 50mm and 80mm
  • Material available in reels of 500m straps and 5000 piece closures
  • Weight 1.7kg


Accessories for the AT3080
  • For stationary or mobile use of the ATS3080 in bench mount kit or overhead dispenser.
  • Integrates ATS3080 into a fully automated production line
  • Switching power pack - Input 230/150 VAC, 50/60 Hz output 48 VDC, max 50 W
  • Bench Mount Kit - tool and tie reel stand including foot pedal 
  • Overhead dispenser and tie reel stand including balancer

Bench Mount Kit Automatic:   Article No. 102-00042
Bench Mount Kit Horizontal:  Article No. 102-00041
Bench Mount Kit Movable:     Article No. 102-00040
Overhead Suspension:            Article No. 102-00050
Switching Power Pack:            Article No. 102-00100


Cable Ties for the Autotool System 3080

For bundling and securing cables, hoses and pipes or closing plastic bags.  Ideal for applications where large volumes of cable ties are required e.g. in cable assmebly, automotive, industrial equipment and packaging sectors.

Features and  Benefits:

  • Innovative strap and closures
  • Two piece consumable parts
  • Waste free and optimised material utilisation guaranteed
  • No time lost through emptying and cleaing waste boxes
  • Mechanically detected bundle diameter
  • Flush cut-off fastenings
  • Outside serrated strap prevents damage to wire insulation
  • Available in reels of 500m and 5000 piece closures

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