Peek Cable Ties

Peek Cable Ties

PEEK Cable Ties will withstand temperatures from -55° C up to +240° C. Their chemical resistance, even against acid and gamma radiation is excellent. Furthermore the PEEK Cable Ties are high abrasion resistant. With as little as 4.5mm² strap cross-section it holds a tensile strength of 230N but needs only 6N insertion force. The design offers a good ratio weight to tensile strength.The contoured head takes up less space therefore usage in areas with space restrictions are ideal. Due to the outside serration PEEK Cable Ties are minimising any indentation or damage to cable insulation.


The PEEK high temperature Cable Tie has been designed for the Ministry of Defence and Aircraft industry in cooperation with leading companies. With the properties this product claims it is predestined for high temperature applications. This performance will be well appropriate also for the drilling industry, railway, offshore or automotive industry. The PEEK Tie is an extraordinary product.
It conjuncts the mechanical performance and resistance to environmental influence of a metal tie with the ease of use of a polyamide cable tie.

Features and Benefits:

  • Used for high tensile applications in hazardous environments
  • Outside serrated high temperature cable tie with smooth surface to the bundle for applications up to +240oC
  • Close fit to the cable bundle due to the deepening head shape
  • Easy inserted, high tensile strength
  • Takes up less space due to the curved head
  • Combines the performance of a metal tie with the ease of use of a polyamide cable ties
  • Easy application either manually or with a processing tool

PEEK Cable Ties, outside serrated

TYPE Width (W) Length (L) Bundle dia max Bundle dia
  N         Colour Material Pack Cont. Tools Article-No.
PT2A 3.4 145.0 35.0 4.0 230 Beigh (BGE) PEEK 100 6-8 118-00032
PT3B 4.7 250.0 65.0 4.0 300 Beigh (BGE) PEEK 100 6-8 118-00116


PEEK Cable Ties, inside serrated

TYPE Width (W) Length (L) Bundle Max Bundle Min N Material Colour Pack Cont. Tools Article-No
PT220 4.7 220.0 56.0 8.0 380 PEEK Beige (BGE) 100 6-8 111-01235

Recommended tools for the PEEK ties are:

6 - EVO7

7 - MK7HT

9 - MK7P

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