Q-Series: For easy Pre-Locking and Blind Assembly


Q-Series - The cable tie system with one smart head!

Cable tie Q-Series

The new Q-Series offers intelligent, innovative fixing solutions with tailor-made components, from pre-locking to long lasting identification.

Cable tie Q-tie

Cable Tie






The Q-tie is a unique and innovative product for bundling and fixing cables for a wide range of applications.  It is available in various colours and materials.  The innovative design of the open head tie provides an easy insertion even under difficult circumstances.

Q-tag Identification Tags

Identification Tags

Besides fastening and fixing, the identification of cables is another important aspect of cable management. The Q-tag cable markers can be perfectly used with Q-ties. The tags offer different options for marking:

• manual with marker pen

• with adhesive label

Q-mount self adhesive/screwable

self adhesive/screwable


The mounting bases Q-mounts are an ideal complement for Q-ties. Design and functionality of the mounting bases match perfectly to provide an optimised working process.  Different types and sizes are available.

Cable tie Q-tie

Q-tie Cable Tie

cable tie - open head design enables simple and quick installation - Q-Series

Innovative – Effective – Safe.
The open head design enables simple and quick installation. The integrated pre-locking function of the Q-tie offers the ability of a temporary and also a final cable fastening solution with the same cable tie and without additional effort.


quick and simple installation - Q-tie

Easy application for every situation.
Q-tie also allows a very quick and simple installation even under difficult circumstances like work gloves and a restricted view.

Q-tags, Identification Tags

cable ties, tags, mounts - Q-Series

Using Q-ties and Q-tags gives users the confidence that cables and cable bundles are safely secured and the text is highly visible.


Cable Tie Mounts Q-Series

The Q-mounts (4-way entry) in conjunction with Q-ties are ideal suited for accurate routing of cables and wires. The self-adhesive Q-mount QM(A) are the perfect choice if quick assembly is a task. Alternatively the mounting base can be fixed with two screws to route also heavier cable bundles.

  • Screw or self-adhesive versions
  • Perfect for combination with Q-ties
  • 4-way entry for Q-tie
  • Adhesive with high pull-off force
  • Q-Mount base secures the Q-tie in a vertical position leaving the hands free to apply cables
The “2-way” mounting base - Q-Series

The “2-way” mounting base CTQM has a very slim shape and is a solution if space is a restriction. A countersunk srew fixes the base what is always an advantage if the assembly ground is rough and bonding could be difficult.

  • 2-way mounting base for safe guiding of cables and conduits
  • For cable ties up to 5mm wide
  • Uses screw with countersunk head (max dia of head 8mm)
  • Perfect for combination with Q-ties
  • Pre-assembly feature
  • Provides a secure hold with Q-ties, particularly in difficult situations such as vertical mounting positions

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