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HellermannTyton is an established and innovative leader in the provision of global network infrastructure solutions, offering a broad range of quality, high performance structured cabling products. Our extensive product range includes a number of different options for Category 6A, Category 6 and Category 5e systems as well as our world leading pre-terminated RapidNet system.

With a wide range of fibre closures and fibre management options, including the Integrated Routing System, HellermannTyton’s provision of solutions to the broadband and Fibre to the X (FTTX) sector has gone from strength to strength.

We are part of the global HellermannTyton group, who are market leaders in cable management serving the communications, construction, utility, automotive and aerospace markets and have operations in 34 countries around the world.

Pre-terminated RapidNet

RapidNet Cassette

The RapidNet system offers many advantages over a standard site-terminated solution. It can reduce installation times by up to 95% and because it’s pre-tested, minimal on-site testing is required once installed. The pre-terminated solution delivers high performance across all formats including Category 6A, Category 6, Category 5e in copper and OM4, OM3, OS2 and OS1 in fibre.

The Category 6A and fibre solutions will support high speed 10G networks and beyond. High port densities can be achieved using RapidNet fibre, with MTP connectors providing up to 144 fibres per cassette or up to 576 fibres in 1U of rack space.

RapidNet allows a greener approach to cabling infrastructure. With each RapidNet loom manufactured and supplied to pre-specified lengths, there is less on-site cabling and packaging waste. In addition, with RapidNet being manufactured in the UK, the environmental impact of shipping is greatly reduced. The reduced installation times make RapidNet the ideal solution for ‘business as usual’ projects, time critical installations and in the event of disaster recovery where network down time needs to be kept to a minimum.

RapidNet Fibre

The extensive RapidNet fibre range from HellermannTyton has developed with the increasing demands of high performance, high speed networks and data centres. Available in OM4, OM3, OS2 and OS1, RapidNet fibre provides a number of connectivity options, including MTP, LC and SC cassettes.

LC and SC Cassettes

LC and SC Cassettes

The LC cassettes are available in standard and Keyed formats. The standard RapidNet LC and SC cassettes offer a range of options including single mode or multimode, 12 or 24 ports in LC and 6 or 12 ports in SC formats. The cassettes also provide 2 options for the rear of the cassette; a terminated cable with a strain relieving boot or with MTP connectors, to allow the use of 12 or 24 core MTP backbone cables.

Keyed LC Cassettes

Keyed LC Cassettes

The Keyed solution offers all the benefits of the standard LC RapidNet but uses different coloured connectors and adapters. Each colour connector has its own unique mechanical key, enabling the segregation or identification of paths within the network infrastructure. The use of Keyed RapidNet can help reduce the risk of accidental or malicious network access.

MTP VHD Cassettes

MTP VHD Cassettes

MTP VHD RapidNet is available with either 6 or 12 MTP ports presented on the front of the cassette.The MTP connector can be supplied as either 12 or 24 core, with 6 x 24 core connectors or 12 x 12 core connectors, enabling a maximum of 144 fibres in a single cassette, or 576 fibres in a 1U RapidNet panel.

RapidNet Copper

RapidNet copper solutions offer the installer or end user a great deal of choice and flexibility at both the cassette end and the ‘second end’.

6 Port Cassette

6 Port Cassette

The 6 port RapidNet cassette comes in a standard format with 4 cassettes fitting into the RapidNet panel. The standard panel accommodates all UTP Category 6A, Category 6 and Category 5e cassettes with a separate panel available for the 6 port shielded solutions. Both UTP and FTP Category 6A solutions exceed industry standards performance criteria to support a 10G network. The UTP Category 6A system is available in a range of different coloured jack variations as standard, allowing for network segregation.

4 Port Cassette

4 Port Cassette

Available in Category 6 and Category 5e, the 4 port cassette comes with its own RapidNet panel providing 24 ports in 1U of space. The 4 port cassette provides an ideal solution for work area and ‘to the desk’ applications in most commercial office and educational environments.

12 Port Cassette

12 Port Cassette

The 12 port cassette is RapidNet’s high density solution, presenting 48 ports in 1U of rack space. Available in both Category 6 and Category 5e, the 12 port cassette provides an ‘on-board’ magnified port labelling field and comes with its own RapidNet panel to accommodate the larger cassette footprint. The 12 port cassette is also compatible with the Hybrid RapidNet panel, providing a combination of copper and fibre connectivity in 1U of space.

Second End Options

Second End Options

RapidNet fibre cassettes can also be supplied with MTP connectors on the rear. For these RapidNet cassettes HellermannTyton supply a range of MTP backbone cables as well as MTP to fan out assemblies in both LC and SC formats. While a RapidNet Copper cassette to cassette assembly is most commonly used in cabinet to cabinet and data centre applications, the RapidNet range offers additional flexibility with a host of other ‘second end’ possibilities including RJ45 and Pod. 


  • Cassette to MTP Backbone
  • Cassette to MTP Fan Out
  • Cassette to LC Fan Out
  • Cassette to SC Fan Out


  • Cassette to Jack
  • Cassette to Outlet
  • Cassette to Pod
  • Cassette to GOP
  • Cassette to RJ45
  • Cassette to Bare End

Pre-terminated Options and Accessories

The RapidNet pre-terminated system offers a great deal of connectivity flexibility across both fibre and copper ranges. To enhance this flexibility and meet the demands of installers and the various applications using pre-terminated RapidNet, HellermannTyton have developed a number of patch panel and cable management solutions that compliment the RapidNet range.


  • 6 Port Copper/Fibre RapidNet Panel
  • 12 Port Copper RapidNet Panel
  • 6 Port Shielded RapidNet Panel
  • 4 Port RapidNet Panel
  • Hybrid RapidNet Panel
  • Angled RapidNet Panel - for use with the short body cassette
  • Cable Management Panels

Data Centre Applications

  • 4U Distribution Chassis - Designed for use where high density patching is required together with class leading front and rear patch cord management.
  • Out of Rack solution - Designed to provide 3U of rackspace in 3 configurations using RapidNet and/or standard 19 panels and 2 x Zero U RapidNet cassette locations.


  • Blanks - Designed to fill partially loaded RapidNet panels to help maintain consistent airflow and reduce the buildup of dust.
  • Floor Boxes - Designed to house the RapidNet cassette away from the comms cabinet and provides a good alternative work area or ‘to the desk’ solution.



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Copper Solutions

Copper Solutions

HellermannTyton manufacture a full end to end copper network system in Category 6A, Category 6 and Category 5e. From patch panels to patch leads and cable through to data outlets, HellermannTyton has an extensive product range giving the installer and end user a number of options when it comes to choosing the best solution for their project.

Category 6A

The Category 6A solution is available in UTP and FTP. High performance jacks are at the centre of the systems which, when combined with HellermannTyton Category 6A cables and patch cords, delivers superior Category 6A performance. The systems includes a range of 1U and 2U modular flat (FTP available as either fixed and sliding) and angled panels, full set of plastic mounting modules and single-action termination tool with interchangeable FTP and UTP heads.

Category 6

HellermannTyton offer a range of products in its Category 6 system. With Global, Gigaband and Ecoband patch panel options, the customer can use either vertical punch down panels or right angle panels and achieve up to 48 RJ45 ports in 1U of rack space. The category 6 cable is available as shielded or unshielded and with PVC or LS0H outer sheaths. There are a number of options for category 6 data outlets in a range of industry sizes including Alpha Snap, Easy Clip and 6C. As with the cable, Patch leads are available in both PVC and LS0H in a range of colours and lengths.

Category 5e

The Category 5e system range from HellermannTyton offers the same choice and flexibility to the installer as the Category 6 range. With a wide selection of patch panels, data outlets, cabling and patching options, there is a category 5e solution for any project.

Category 3

HellermannTyton also produce category 3 keystone jacks and voice panels, suitable for any voice only application.


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Fibre Solutions

Fibre Solutions

HellermannTyton offer an extensive fibre connectivity range suitable for any application including data centres, commercial installs and the 'User End' of FTTX networks.

As well as a wide range of pre-terminated RapidNet fibre solutions, HellermannTyton manufacture a full end to end fibre solution including fibre patch panels, fibre patch leads, fibre connectors and adapters along with a range of multimode and single mode cables. With fibre solutions available in single mode OS1 and OS2 and multimode OM2, OM3 and OM4, and a full range of connection options including LC, SC and high density MTP, the fibre range from HellermannTyton caters for any project of any size.

HellermannTyton supply a wide range of fibre fan out cables and MTP back-bone cables designed for high density fibre installations. The MTP cable and connector can deliver up to 24 fibre connections in a single fibre connector to form a high density back-bone cable. By using a high quality manifold, the fibre cable can be split into 12 or 24 LC or SC fibre connectors to form the fan out cable. Depending on the fibre cable used, a higher density fibre fan out is achievable.

Connectors and Adaptors

HellermannTyton offers a standard range of quality fibre connectors and adaptors in LC and SC formats in both single mode and multimode variations:

  • Multimode LC Fibre Connectors and Adaptors
  • Single mode LC Fibre Connectors and Adaptors
  • Multimode SC Fibre Connectors and Adaptors
  • Single mode SC Fibre Connectors and Adaptors

Fibre Patch Panels

Fibre patch panels from HellermannTyton are manufactured with 24 vertical slots in a standrd 19" sliding draw panel and a range of adaptors:

  • LC Multimode Panel with either LC Quad or LC Duplex Adaptors.
  • LC Single mode Panel with either LC Quad or LC Duplex Adaptors.
  • SC Multimode with either SC Duplex or SC Simplex Adaptors.
  • SC Single mode with either SC Duplex or SC Simplex Adaptors.

Bulk Fibre Cable

HellermannTyton are able to supply a wide range of fibre optic cable in both loose tube and tight buffered formats. Sold by the metre, HellermannTyton offer a range of multimode and single mode options with different fibre counts. The standard fibre cable from HellermannTyton comes as OM4, OM3 and OS1 in standard fibre core counts of 4, 8, 12 and 24. Other types of fibre cable can be supplied on request.

Fibre Patch Leads, Pigtails and Back Bone Cables

HellermannTyton offers a standard range of quality fibre connectors and adaptors in LC and SC formats in both single mode and multimode variations.

  • Fibre Patch Leads
  • Fibre Pigtails
  • MTP Fibre Backbone Cables


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Broadband Connectivity

Broadband Connectivity

HellermannTyton manufacture a wide range of fibre closures that can be applied across all areas of FTTX applications. Many of the sealed closures lend themselves to a PON architecture allowing up to 1400 fibres in the largest UFC closure (IR C-lnegth Double Stack using SC-b trays) all the way down to 36 fibres with the FST closure.

All of the closures from HellermannTyton offer flexibility and access so that more fibre can be added in the future (up to their maximum capacity). All of the closures are compatible with Cablelok, HellermannTyton‘s 100% mechanical seal, or heatshrink can be used as an alternative sealing method.

Fibre Closures

See all HellermannTyton UFC Closures UFC Fibre Closures

The UFC has is a high fibre capacity cap ended ready access closure used in underground, direct burial or aerial installations. It is available with Integrated Routing (IR) or tubing fibre management system.

See all HellermannTyton FDN Closures FDN Fibre Closures

The FDN is a medium to large oval shaped cap ended closure with a high number of small ports for use in underground, direct burial or aerial installations. It is available with Integrated Routing (IR) or tubing fibre management systems.

See all HellermannTyton FML Closures FML Fibre Closures

The FML is a medium to large cap ended ready access closure for use in underground, direct burial or aerial installations. It is available with Integrated Routing (IR) or tubing fibre management systems. The mid-range capacity and port flexibility offered by the FML make it suitable for FTTX access and trunk networks.

See all HellermannTyton FRBU Closures FRBU Fibre Closures

The FRBU is a compact cap-ended ready access closure for use in underground, direct burial and aerial installations. The mid-range capacity and port flexibility offered by the FRBU make it suitable for FTTK, trunk networks and CATV installation.

See all HellermannTyton FST Closures FST Fibre Closures

The FST is a compact cap-ended ready access closure for use in aerial, underground and directly buried installations. Its small size, port flexibility and value makes the FST popular for splicing low fibre count distribution cables in FTTH, FTTK, trunk and campus networks, CATV and CCTV installation.

See all HellermannTyton Connectorised Closures Connectorised Fibre Closures

The connectorised solution is available in FDN, FRBU and FST closures as standard. Using fibre connectors with fibre pigtails, these pre-configured closures allow for quick customer connection or disconnection.

Download HellermannTyton Pre-Assembled Closures PDF Pre-Assembled Fibre Closures

HellermannTyton is now able to supply pre-assembled pre-tubed fibre optic closures, greatly reducing installation time, cost and complexity for blown fibre FTTH applications.

See all HellermannTyton BFJ Closures BFJ Fibre Closures

The Blown Fibre Joint closure is a ready access round closure which is suited for use as straight through joint, a customer drop port or a centre blow point within blown fibre underground networks. The mid-range capacity offered by the BFJ makes it suitable for use in FTTH access and MAN, WAN or trunk networks.

See all HellermannTyton Copper Jointing Closures Copper Jointing Closures

Hellermanntyton offers a range of 3 compact cap ended ready access copper jointing closures used in underground and aerial installations. The closures are ideal for housing of copper cable splices and can accommodate up to a maximum of 200 pair cables.