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Fixing solutions designed down to the tiniest detail

In the chemical industry, every detail is of the utmost importance and places demands on the tiniest of components. This also includes cable management – from extremely robust or acid-resistant cable ties, to embossed identification systems which can withstand aggressive substances and extreme temperatures, HellermannTyton provides innovative solutions tailored to the specific requirements of the chemical industry.

The extent of the product portfolio reflects our long-standing industry expertise. HellermannTyton has provided outstanding product quality and has met the high demands of various industries for over 75 years. Top quality, a culture of innovation and strong customer-focus ensure that we maintain and build on our position as a valued solutions partner.

HellermannTyton also meets the special quality requirements of the chemical industry with extreme precision, for example in terms of reliable thermal and chemical resistance. Our special high-quality product range and our continual striving for innovation form the basis of all that we do. And so it stays like this, HellermannTyton develops a new product every three days on average.

PEEK Cable Ties - ideal cable tie for the chemical industry

The reliability of cable management solutions is particularly important in the chemical industry, where conditions can be extreme. Cable ties in the PEEK Series can be used in temperature ranges between -55 and +240 °C, and are resistant to acids and radiation. PEEK Ties are lightweight, yet able to hold forces up to 230 N even though the band is only 4.5mm wide.

Important for the chemical industry:

  • Application range of PEEK Ties: -55 to +240 °C
  • PEEK Ties are resistant to acids and radiation
  • Despite a band width of only 4.5 mm, PEEK Ties withstand forces up to 230 N
  • Weight saving compared to metal solutions – no compromises

Further information on PEEK Cable Ties can be found here


Special solutions for extreme requirements – the Robusto Cable Tie Series

Special solutions for extreme requirements – the Robusto Cable Tie Series

Produced from renewable castor oil sources, the Robusto Series of cable ties is also suitable for extreme weather conditions. It is resistant to chemicals, UV radiation and chlorides and is particularly suitable for use on galvanized steel.

Important for the chemical industry:

  • Very good chemical resistance, including chlorides
  • Properties are not compromised, even at low temperatures
  • Extremely low water absorption ensures constant technical properties and durability

Further information on the Robusto Series can be found here

EL-TY cable tie series  –  special solutions for extreme requirements

Special solutions for extreme requirements – the EL-TY Cable Tie Series

The EL-TY Series made of chemically-resistant polyacetale (POM) consists of an endless band with spacers and irremovable heads. These sturdy cable ties can be applied in any desired length to bind leads and thick cables, or to securely fasten identification mark carriers.

Important for the chemical industry:

  • Made of chemically-resistant POM
  • System consists of: endless band, spacers, and irremovable heads
  • Extremely secure fastening
  • Virtually waste-free

Further information on the EL-TY series can be found here.


Metal product solutions – for when push comes to shove

HellermannTyton also offers comprehensive fixing solutions made of metal for the chemical industry. For example, the MBT Series, with its irremovable stainless steel ball lock head for applications involving extreme loads and/or very high temperatures.

Important for the chemical industry:

  • MBT Cable Ties made of SS304 and SS316 stainless steel (similar to V2A/V4A)
  • Patented, irremovable single, or double ball-lock head
  • Outstanding chemical resistance
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Non-flammable

Further information on the MBT stainless steel series can be found here.


Insulation and protection from mechanical loads, particularly at high temperatures

Transparent TK20 polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) Heatshrink Tubing allows for low friction movement. The high-quality raw material stands up well to high temperatures and various chemicals. The semi-rigid, self-extinguishing tubing is also perfect as splinter protection for glassware.

Important for the chemical industry:

  • Thin-walled and robust
  • Self-extinguishing
  • High operating temperatures
  • Very good mechanical strength
  • Good chemical resistance

Further information on TK20 Heatshrink Tubing can be found here.


M-BOSS – reliable identification for the chemical industry HellermannTyton

M-BOSS – reliable identification for the chemical industry

The compact and quiet M-BOSS Compact Stainless Steel Embossing System is very user-friendly and can be used to emboss compatible M-BOSS Compact Marker Tags in less than a minute. Stainless steel markers are excellent for areas where corrosive products or cleaning agents are on a daily basis, such as in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The embossed marking remains permanently legible, no matter what it is exposed to.

Important for the chemical industry:

  • Reliable identification in highly demanding areas
  • Excellent resistance to inorganic acids, hydrochloric acid, and halogens



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