Cable grommets for secure cable management

Cable grommets for strain relief, bend protection and grommet edging

Flexible grommets to suit your application

HellermannTyton cable grommets

Sharp edges, constant mechanical stress, chemicals or environmental influences: There are many factors that can damage cables. Cable grommets help to minimise these risks and to protect the cabling.

For example, if cables have to be routed through small round holes, snap in cable grommets help prevent abrasion. In the case of larger, or unshaped cut-outs with sharp edges or straight edges, the use of so-called grommet strips is a good choice.

Another form of cable grommets are those that are inserted into cable ends. These grommets relieve cables from strain. Other cable entry sleeves protect the cable from bending or kinking – so called anti-kink grommets. And some cable grommets combine both bend protection and strain relief in one.

No matter which cable protection is the best for your specific application, we have the right cable grommet solution for you.

Snap in cable grommets


Open grommets to protect against chafing

Snap in cable grommet for punched or drilled metal sheets

Wherever cables have to pass through holes, the use of snap in cable grommets is a good choice.

These open grommets protect the cables and wires optimally from abrasion on sharp edges.

Further benefits:

  • Additional strain relief
  • Flexible and easy to process
  • High chemical and environmental resistance
Snap in cable grommet: protects cables from sharp edges

Cable pass through grommets for edge protection are available in the colors gray and black for edges with wall thickness from 0.8 to 6.0 mm.

They are available in both circular and oval formats. The latter are also called oblong grommets, suitable for flat cables or ribbon cables.

They are made of PVC or flame retardant PVC-FR.

Grommet strips for sharp-edged panel edges and cut-out sections


Solid grommet edging for sharp panel edges

PS1 grommet strip, round shape

The EdgeGuard flexible grommet provides optimum protection for cables when routed along sharp-edged areas.

Thanks to soft, flexible PVC, this cable management grommet is easy to apply and fits the edge perfectly.

In addition to the cable protection aspect, EdgeGuard is also a design solution for attractively covering edges, available in three different variants:

Slotted grommet edging for sharp cutouts

Flexiform grommet strip for cut-out sections

The Flexiform edge protector for cables is often used for sheet metal cut-outs. However, this flexible grommet also ensures safe and material-friendly cable routing at any other hard-edged cut-outs, e.g. in chassis or device construction.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Tight-fitting, slotted moulded rail
  • Very flexible, bendable material (PTFE)
  • Easy and safe installation without adhesive
  • Excellent protection at high temperatures

Flexiform is available in 3 different material classes:

  • G51P: made of PE, -30°C / +80°C, standard abrasion resistance
  • G51N: made of PA6, -60°C / + 95°C, high abrasion resistance
  • G51T: made of PTFE, -60°C / + 260°C, high temperature + chemical resistance

Cable grommets for strain relief and bend protection


Cable entry sleeves

Cable entry sleeve for bend protection

Cable grommets for strain relief protect the wire or electrical connection from damage when pulled.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Flexible and simple to install
  • Ensure high tensile strength
  • Very resistant to chemicals and environmental influences

Additionally, there are anti-kink grommets, used, for example, at outlets as mechanical protection for cables and wires.

Some grommets even combine both properties: they relieve the cable and protect it from kinking.

Grommet assortments – bend protection and grommet edging


Cable grommet box

Bend and edge protection grommet set

The HOT Kit grommet set combines 100 grommets in a single box – 50 bend protection and cable pass through grommets each.

Whether for construction, repair or DIY needs: With this grommet assortment, you always have the right solution to hand.

All parts are flexible as well as easy to process and have a very good resistance to chemicals and environmental influences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a cable grommet?

Strain protection grommets

A cable grommet typically is a round edged ring inserted into a panel hole to protect pass through cables from chafing and abrasion as well as from environmental impacts or simply assuring a firm grip of the wire or cable.

Sleeved cable grommets also avoid the cable getting kinked or are used to ensure proper strain relief.

How to install wire grommets?

Edge protection grommet for punched or drilled metal sheets

An open cable grommet is simply pushed through the panel hole by hand until it snaps firmly in place.

The flexible material allows the grommet to be squeezed for ease of installation.

After installation, the edged design secures the grommet from falling out.

How to choose the right open cable grommet?

How to choose the right open cable grommet

Choosing the right grommet is requiring 3 basic dimensions. Your cable diameter, the diameter of the panel hole and the panel thickness.

FH dimension = panel hole size

H2 dimension = panel thickness

D dimension = the hole size of the cable grommet, depending on the diameter of the cable to be passed through it

Two complementary parameters are the H dimension (height) and the OD dimension (outer diameter), which describe the overall size of the cable grommet.