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HellermannTyton continue to play a pivotal role in supporting tri service defence activities UK and Worldwide.

HellermannTyton work closely with key companies including General Dynamics and BAE Systems such as the Land Systems divisions and their respective subcontractors in this sector. We have also provided direct support to the MoD for defence cable management equipment for specialist utility vehicles.

We have delivered cost effective component part support and complete solutions on programmes such as Panther, Bowman Radio and Grumman FBCB2 Global Postioning System.

Our products offer important functional and cost saving benefits for electrical and electronic land applications ranging from insulation and protection of individual components to fabrication of complete inter- connecting cable harness assemblies.




Defence Capabilities - Land

Case Study:

As part of the General Dynamics Bowman project HellermannTyton provided a robust range of mounting bases specially designed to be used with cable ties, This solution was used to fasten cables within vehicles and onto the Bowman Communication System Framework itself.

The Bowman radio installation cables incorporated TIPS markers, heatshrink moulded shapes coated with a one part-epoxy adhesive W24 to provide fast assembly together with a low installation cost.

Hellermanntyton have also worked on a variety of Armoured Vehicle programmes such as the FV 430 Warrior, Panther and E.T.S together with several expert contracts such as Singapore Technoligies Kinetic Vehicle, Koreans NIFV programme US M109 and M88 and Leopard I & II vehicles.
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Defence Capabilities - Air

Case Study:

One of our key successes in aircraft applications has been the introduction of the new T Series Outside Serrated Ties in heat stabalised material.  These have since been introduced onto the Panavia Aircraft Specification.

Approval with the portfolio also being taken on board by Augusta Westland. 

Other projects include Harpoon Tying systems on wing cabling for the Airbus aircraft electrical protection system against lightening strike. In addition we have worked with MBDA supplying a range or markers, clips, ties and identification products for their rocket and missile products. For the Raytheon USA’s AIM 9X project HellermannTyton achieved preferred supplier status providing custom solutions.

The custom moulded part produced in Mil R material was able to maintain high flexibility and bending at very low temperatures performance Insulation, Protection, and Identification products, which are complemented with an extensive range of fixing products.

Defence Capabilities - Sea

Case Study:

On a number of projects such as the CVF aircraft carrier and astute class submarine programmes we have met and exceeded customer needs by offering innovative solutions.  Introducing BAe to the HellermannTyton Automatic Metal Tying and Metal Ball Tying Systems we were awarded the Bronze Chairman's Award, for producing significant time and cost savings whilst maintaining the vigorous safety characteristics required for cablebanding systems.

After vigorous testing and approval by BAe and MoD we also introduced the VO ties as the final part of the solution to give a complete cable management coverage.

T-Series MIL Spec Cable Ties

Features and Benefits

  • Wide range of materials
  • Low insertion force
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Tensioning tools also available
  • Used for routing, bundling and security of cables, pipes and hoses

Helagaine HEGPX

Features and Benefits

  • Offers flexible cable protection, high abrasion resistance and ease of application
  • Specially woven to expand when compressed and contract then pulled apart
  • High level of surface coverage
  • Available in 13 sizes


Features and Benefits

  • Printable Tags
  • Suited for marking larger cable diameters
  • Limited fire hazard, halogen free
  • Perforated format that includes slots for cable ties