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Industry expertise for your demands:

With HellermannTyton you have the right specialist at your side.  Whether for cable bundling and fastening systems or for cable protection and identification solutions, our components used in the aerospace industry and certified according to the current aerospace standards.

In order to constantly reach and maintain this high level we place great emphasis on keeping up a continuous interaction with our customers.  We have been working closely with the aerospace industry in this way for over 40 years.  The result: products that are tailored exactly to the requirements in aircraft construction and new innovations for your individual demands.

There is hardly any mode of transport that is subjected to such extreme demands like an aeroplane:

With thousands of operating hours, heat, cold, temperature fluctuations and high mechanical stress it is reassuring to know that HellermannTyton's components have fulfilled these demands for over 40 years.

Our quality proof and awareness for your safety:

To get an aircraft into the air safely and back down again on the ground, every last detail counts.  A lot of individually designed components are needed, ideally adapted to their different application fields - from the cockpit and cabin through to the engines and empennage.  In this respect, every single part must prove its long-term reliability.

In addition to this there are other criteria which are crucial for use in the aerospace industry, the products must be light and sturdy, withstand the highest mechanical loads and display space-saving capabilities.

In order to achieve these results, three factors are signigicant:

  1. The exclusive use of high quality raw materials which satisfy your and our requirements.
  2. Precision fabrication at all stages using our in-house tool and mould construction.
  3. Strict criteria for checking our work processes and also the quality of the range.

Our products are therefore distinguished by their extreme stability, durability, resilience, resistance to heat and cold, weight-saving properties, shock resistance, fire safety and resistance to UV and weathering. Now and for the future.

We ensure certified quality for perfect engineering.

Safety is a top priority for your and for us.  There is no doubt we follow the specifications and standards for the aerospace industry.  Our products are therefore constantly tested in accordance with the latest national and European standards.  Certified quality for your security and for the certainty of always working at the highest technical level.

Standards Overview:

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