Self Adhesive Cable Tie Mounts: Flexible and Solid with Ultra-Strong Cohesive Strength

Date: 23/08/2018

Flexible cable tie mounts for curved surfaces

FlexTack - The innovative, flexible mounting solution


For years manufacturers, engineers and installers have been restricted when routing cables and wires, around curved and angled surfaces. Conforming to the norm, the use of flat-based, solid, screw fixing mounts was deemed as the only appropriate mounting solution. As the saying goes, ‘why reinvent the wheel?’ 

Flat screw fixing mounts have always provided electrical contractors with what they believe to be simple mounting solutions. However, they have also provided them with the hindrance of the slow speed of installation and having to figure out ways to mount cables on uneven surfaces without damaging them.

This led HellermannTyton to develop FlexTack, a flexible self-adhesive cable tie mount designed for use on curved and angled surfaces. An innovation for the electrical market, FlexTack streamlines the process for securing cables to angled surfaces, compared to traditional labour-intensive fastening methods, caused by the presence of bulky components. 

Manufactured from materials that withstand temperatures up to 90ºC, the high strength acrylic adhesive base bonds with virtually any high or low energy surface, with the bond strengthening even further over time. Grooves enable FlexTack to bend to the contours of the surface to which it is applied, further enabling weight to be equally distributed. 

Traditional fastening methods can have implications for the design of new products. Plans may need to be modified to accommodate inflexible cabling, adding further complexity to the process. By contrast, FlexTack provides a more efficient and convenient way of securing cables to surfaces that are not flat, providing the installers with greater design freedom and a much faster installation.

Richard Rands, UK Product Manager - Fastenings & Fixings at HellermannTyton, comments: “While we were building a new M-BOSS printer, we experienced a requirement to mount cables over the printer motor, which had a cylindrical surface. Space was at a premium inside the printer so routing cables around the motor was simply not an option, prompting the business to design and manufacture an alternative solution.”

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