Heat shrink moulded shapes by HellermannTyton

Combine the advantages of quick, easy installation with high electric strength, mechanical toughness and superior chemical and environmental resistance. Our heatshrink moulded shapes offer important functional and cost saving benefits for electrical and electronic applications ranging from insulation and protection of individual components to fabrication of complete inter-connecting cable harness assemblies.
Strain-relieving boots, transitions and connector backshell covers, as well as other specialised shapes are available in a wide range of sizes and options.

Heat shrink Moulded Shapes

HellermannTyton's extensive product line of heatshrink moulded shapes includes low profile, bulbous and lipped types for use on circular and D-type connectors as well as complex multiway transitions.

Below are just a few examples of the vast product range, for more information please refer to our Heat Shrink Moulded shape brochure opposite.


Low Profile Convolute Boots:

Helashrink 313C Series - with adapter lip

  • For circular grooved adapters to provide strain relief
  • Excellent environmental sealing with adhesive
  • Convoluted design grants flexibility for different cable outer angles



Low Profile Shim Boots:

Helashrink 313E Series, without adaptor lip

  • Used to build up or shim a cable diameter
  • Facilitates better fit for components in cable harness



Low Profile Straight Boots:

Helashrink 313F Series, with adapter lip

  • Connector strain relief for small cable diameters requiring high shrink ratio




Low Profile Transition Boots:

Helashrink 412H Series, side breakout

  • Connector cable strain relief
  • Used with circular adapter



Bottle Shapes, VG Style:

Helashrink 170 Series, with rib

  • Cable strain relief for partially loaded connectors
  • Small cable diameters
  • Use with our W24 adhesive for excellent chemical resistance
Heat shrink Moulded Shapes
The use of our heat shrink moulded shapes in conjunction with our specialist heat shrink tubing makes it easy to fabricate complete jacketed wire and cable harnessing and interconnection systems of the highest quality.

Heat shrink moulded shapes are available for the complete range of electrical and electronic harnessing applications. They can be sealed with our special adhesives and encapsulants to ensure the proper degree of mechanical support, strain relief and environmental protection. 
Encapsulating the complete harnessing and interconnection system to the desired configuration is easily and neatly accomplished, with minimum weight and bulk.
Choice of material
Heat shrink Moulded Shapes
A range of materials is available specially formulated to meet a variety of performance requirements. Material selection can be made according to individual applications.

We also have the ability to make customised
materials to suit special requirements.
Technical Capabilities            
Our materials are formulated in our own laboratory and produced in the HellermannTyton Factory. We have experience and knowledge of all major applications and offer full technical support from design through to prototyping to service 

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