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Date: 21/08/2017

F&B Manufacturers urged to do more to reduce risks of foreign body contamination

Detectable cable management products

detectable cable management products from HellermannTyton

Food and beverage (F&B) manufacturers are being urged to pay greater attention to reducing the risk of foreign body contamination throughout production, as more high-profile cases come to light.

The message comes from leading cable management specialist HellermannTyton, at a time when there have already been serious incidents of plastic contamination within food in the UK since the start of the year. These include major supermarkets and food manufacturing businesses recalling products after small pieces of plastic were found within them, presenting safety risks. 

Foreign body contamination can be an expensive issue for F&B manufacturers, not only forcing product recalls, but also potential court cases since contaminated food and drink products present a serious risk of possible harm to the public. Longer term implications can be even more serious, with irreparable damage often being caused to consumer confidence in a company brand, impacting future sales and profitability.

Foreign body contamination

Foreign body contamination

According to HellermannTyton, the risk of foreign body contamination can be reduced by using detectable cable management solutions which ensure that even plastic components that are not used directly as part of the food manufacturing process are still safeguarded. 

Richard Rands, UK Product Manager for Fastenings and Fixings at HellermannTyton commented: “Food and beverage manufacturers need to have procedures in place to satisfy HACCP requirements. 

“This doesn’t need to be costly for manufacturers that already use detection systems. Starting small with specialist detectable cable management solutions such as metal detectable cable ties and fixings, cable protection systems, RFID electronic identification and printed ID markers, is a fast and effective way of introducing measures which help to prevent contamination.”

Specialist products for detection

Specialist products for detection

HellermannTyton is helping the food and beverage industry reduce the risk of foreign body contamination and last year introduced its specialist MCTPP-Series to the market, a range of polypropylene metal detectable cable ties to complement its existing range of detectable ties.
The MCTPP-Series is one of a range of products available to F&B manufacturers which help minimise the risk of foreign body contamination, with other solutions including HellermannTyton’s metal-content spiral binding, another product with high metal content, to aid reliable detection with standard equipment. The MCTPP-Series is developed through a unique manufacturing process, involving the inclusion of a metallic pigment, which enables even small 'cut-off' sections of the tie to be detected by standard metal-detecting equipment.

Richard Rands added: “There are a wide range of products available to the F&B market which can aid with the prevention of foreign-body contamination. By adopting these where possible, manufacturers can be confident that the food products they are delivering to the market are safe, significantly reducing the risk of recalls, and protecting consumer confidence.”

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