Cable Tie Application Tools: the EVO9 Family

The EVO9 family is based on the same evolutionary technology as the EVO7 application tool. But now even cable ties up to 13mm width can be applied due to improved components and a wider front cap.

The EVO9 tool has redefined the term 'Application Tool'. High quality materials and components enable the tool to combine durability and precision with comfort and security. Ties are being cut off without any recoil of the tool due to the innovative and ergonomic design of the tool. The result is less stress on the operator and therefore reduced risk of injuries of muscles and joints.

The EVO9 family consists out of two versions with different hand spans (8 mm and 90mm), as well as a version for maximum tension forces for heavy duty applications.

The Application Tool for Cable Ties that combines Durability, Comfort and Precision

Durability: Only high quality components and materials are being used to manufacture the EVO9 tool – including a shock-proof housing and use of stainless steel for mechanical components.

Comfort: The EVO9 application tool significantly reduces the recoil when applying cable ties compared to conventional pliers. This results in a reduction of stress on the installer. The EVO9 therefore offers maximum security for industrial applications. 

Precision: The EVO9 tool can be adjusted to 33 different levels of tension force. In addition to the fine tuning of the EVO9 the tool offers a quick adjustment function. This enables the operator to quickly and easily switch between high and low tension forces. This is a particularly useful feature when different cable ties are being used at one work place.

The EVO9 Application Tool offers a wide range of benefits compared to traditional pliers

Application of EVO9 Cable Tie Tool
  • Quicker and easier application of cable ties thanks to the patent pending Tension/Lock/Cut (TLC) Technology
  • Recoil free cutting of ties and reduced stress for joints and muscles (RSI)
  • Ergonomic, slip-free and comfortable grip in different hand span widths (90mm and 80mm)
  • Effortless cutting of cable ties strap with the EVO9 application tool
  • 33 precise settings of tension force for limitless repeatability
  • Quick adjustment for easy changes between low and high tension forces
  • Shockproof, lightweight and glass fibre enhanced polyester housing and long life components result in easy maintenance of the new EVO9 application tool


The patent pending TLC Technology is core of the EVO9 family

TLC Technology

The EVO9 application tool is based on the unique Tension/Lock/Cut (TLC) Technology exactly like the EVO7 tool. This technology revolutionizes the application of cable ties because it significantly reduces the effort and strength needed to apply and cut the ties. No recoil and less effort mean: no stress for muscles and joints. And in addition the TLC technology ensures a clean and precise cut off of the cable tie strap.

Cable Tie Application Tool EVO9

1. Tension

Tension the cable tie as usual. Use the tension adjustment knob to select the desired tension setting.

Cable Tie Application Tool EVO9

2. Lock

The patent pending locking mechanism detects when the desired tension is reached, locking the tie in place prior to cutting. No manual pressure is required to hold the cable tie in place.

Application Tool EVO9

3.  Cut

For the final cut very little effort is needed. By simply pulling the trigger enough to cut the tie, a precise finish can be achieved without excessive strain on the user.

The EVO9 Cable Tie Tool Family

The EVO9 tool is available in two different hand spans and as well for applications that need very high tension forces. Every tool of the EVO9 family offers clean and flush cutting of cable ties up to 13mm width and tension forces up to 516N.

Products of EVO9 family


  • Standard Handspan (90 mm)
  • Tension Forces 53 N to 307 N, for cable ties up to 13 mm width
Application Tool EVO9


  • Smaller Handspan (80 mm)
  • Tension Forces 53 N to 307 N, for cable ties up to 13 mm width
Cable Tie Tool EVO9


  • Standard Handspan (90 mm)
  • Tension Forces 120 N to 516 N, for cable ties up to 13 mm width

Typical HellermannTyton: excellent performance and smooth maintenance

The EVO9 application tool is ideally suited for industrial environment. It is shock and chemical resistant and offers excellent performance. You can be assured that every single cable tie will perfectly applied and cut when using the EVO9 with our market leading cable ties. The EVO9 Series sets new standards for a secure and efficient cable tie application. HellermannTyton as well ensures that every EVO tool is tested and calibrated before delivery. That is how we ensure  a precise performance of every single tool.  


The EVO9 tool is the perfect choice for the following applications

  • Cable harnesses
  • Electrical installation
  • Maintenance
  • Engineering
  • Construction


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